Thursday, March 26, 2015



1. We now are living in the church age and moving toward the Rapture, toward the End Times.

2. Jesus has given us our talents and instructed us to occupy until he comes. We then will be judged on how wisely we used our talents. Because Jesus is returning soon, we better not waste our talents.

3. Jesus will Rapture all true believers out of this world. They will just just disappear, ascend to Heaven with Jesus.

4. With the loss of Christian influence in the world, Satan will have free rein to take power through a political leader, called the Antichrist, who then will rule over the world for seven years. This period is called the Tribulation.

5. Antichrist rule will lead to a series of wars, which will culminate with Jesus returning (second coming) with an army of saints to fight the battle of Armageddon, in the literal land of Palestine.

6. Jesus will defeat the Antichrist, vanquish evil, and establish a new kingdom that will last one-thousand years.

7. Then comes the Final Judgment.

The Three Brothers Myth

The Three Brothers Myth

The family story often is of three brothers who immigrated to America, rarely two or four or five or six. Sometimes one is lost at sea during the voyage over, or one went north, one went south, and one headed west, never to be heard from again. There are rarely any sisters involved in the big move across the ocean.

Be wary of the three brothers myth. Confirm through your research that there were, in fact, three brothers, that the three brothers were indeed brothers and not two brothers and an uncle, for example, or that the three brothers were not just three men with the same last name.

Obama Hatred

Obama Hatred

I find it difficult to have a rational discussion with many (most) who dislike President Obama. Either as a result of Fox News or their innate inability to think rationally (or both), they continue to throw up the same stuff. Here is a sampling. I omit the really stupid stuff (birth certificate; vacation days/golfing; travel expenses; actually a Muslim; does not love America; etc.).

Obamacare is a failure and is ruining the United States.

President Obama has no foreign policy achievements, none.

Employment remains high because President Obama changed the method used to determine the unemployment rate.

And, of course, Benghazi.
Iran: Nuclear Weapons Negotiations

Is no deal really better than a bad deal?

This is what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his US Republican sycophants are preaching? What happens if no deal is reached?

Without an agreement, Iran will be free to continue developing nuclear weapons. Sanctions may be extended and even strengthened. However, most international sanctions are porous. And, do not discount that Iran already has taken into consideration the possibility of increased sanctions.

Currently, the so-called P5+1 are negotiating with Iran. This includes Germany and the permanent members of the U.N. Security Council: United States, Russia, China, France, and United Kingdom.
If the negotiations break down, what is the likelihood of reassembling this coalition? Will China and Russia come back to the table? Russia sold to Iran much of the nuclear equipment now being used. Would Putin use Iran as a pawn in his apparent desire to expand Russia's sphere of influence?

Both Israel and the United States have stated that Iran will not be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon. Thus, if no agreement is reached, what will happen? The answer is not pleasant, at least not to some. Without an agreement, the remaining option is force -- using military might to thwart Iran's nuclear ambitions. But will it work? And at what price?

Most Cops Are Not Your Friend

In My Opinion, Most Cops Are Not Your Friend

Not legal advice from a lawyer, but:

Unless you have suicidal legal tendencies, never, never, never, open your mouth to a cop. Did I say never?

Never allow a cop into your house unless there is a warrant. And, even then, call a lawyer. Can you decipher a warrant? Like handcuffs?

If your child is involved. Never, never, allow a cop to speak with your child. What they say will not be used to help your child.

Have excuses? See above: Shut the fuck up.

Offer nothing. Protect your rights. Here is more:

Caswell County Courthouse: "In God We Trust"

Historic Caswell County Courthouse to Have "In God We Trust" on the Facade

This unanimous decision by the Caswell County Board of Commissioners was posted earlier. Here is the article from "The Caswell Messenger":

"The Caswell Messenger" (Yanceyville, North Carolina), 18 March 2015

[Caswell County] Commissioners unanimously approved an outside proposal to display the words "In God We Trust" on the exterior of the local government center.

The proposal, presented by Fred McClure of the U.S. Motto Action Committee, invited Caswell to join up to 20 other North Carolina counties who have recently moved to display the national motto on the outside of their own government centers.

Letter to President Obama on Iran

What is in the recent letter from Congress to President Obama on the Iran nuclear weapons negotiations? The letter is dated 20 March 2015?

1. No Pathway to a Bomb
2. Must Know What Iran Has Already
3. Cannot Trust Iran
4. Negotiations Should Recognize Iran's Support of Terrorism
5 Congress Has a Role

1. No Pathway to a Bomb: A final comprehensive nuclear agreement must constrain Iran's nuclear infrastructure so that Iran has no pathway to a bomb, and that agreement must be long-lasting. [This primarily has to do with centrifuges that enrich uranium.]