Sunday, March 22, 2015

Climate Change

Climate Change

I am waiting for a post that attempts to use the record snowfall in New England and the cold weather also being experienced there to ridicule global warming (and, while at it, make fun of Al Gore). The problem is that they confuse weather and climate.

This ridicule aside, most in the scientific community agree that the planet is warming. That does not mean that we will not experience extreme meteorological events. Moreover, that we are experiencing such swings also is cited in support of man-made climate change.

Increasing the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has, according to the preponderance of the scientific evidence, a direct impact on the climate. The carbon dioxide level is increasing. Thus, the climate is changing. Man is directly responsible for the increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Accordingly, one reasonably could conclude that man is causing climate change (including global warming).

That climate change has become a political issue is not surprising. Many scientific issues were politicized over the years. However, the death of the planet (its inability to support human life) is different. It is final.

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