Thursday, March 26, 2015

Political Correctness

Political Correctness

Political correctness (or PC) was in decline for a few years, but has returned with a vengeance. This is borne out by the recent spate of protesting the appearance on college campuses of even the mildest controversial speaker.

Many now are treating even faintly unpleasant behavior or ideas as full-scale offenses. One analyst has defined these as microaggressions (small social slights that might cause searing trauma, often self-induced).

What happened to freedom of speech, if that freedom ever truly existed? Where are the defenders of those who espouse what they perceive as unpleasant ideas?

“Freedom of speech is a constitutional guarantee, but who gets to exercise it without the chilling restraints of censure depends very much on one’s location in the political and social cartography.”

- - Bettina Aptheker

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